Zoe Giabouldaki |IWF Mördertreff


Zoe Giabouldaki participates in the group show IWF Mördertreff  in Spor Klübü project space, Berlin

End of September in 1988 members of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank meet at the International Congress Center (ICC) in West Berlin for their annual meeting. Under the slogan “IMF and World Bank organize the poverty of nations” also some 150 leftist organisations meet in the Berlin Technical University (TU) for a counter congress. The event is centrally against capitalism itself and against its “living devastating effects”. It calls for a comprehensive debt cancellation (the Latin American foreign debt is $ 420 billion) and beyond as compensation for “colonial and neo-colonial exploitation” reparations and compensation payments.
Never before the two organisations the IMF and World Bank were so controversial. For some they are the villains in the world economy, for others the global economic sanity. Fear is about the largest international conference ever staged in Germany. “We prevent the Congress” formulated the Autonomous “everything is possible, everything is necessary.” For months they get prepared before the reception of the bankers. Colourful is the mixture of those who are on the move with arguments and appeals against the IMF and World Bank: Churches and Young Socialists, Greens and alternative environmentalist, Catholic Rural Youth and “Buko” (Federal Congress developmental action groups), an umbrella organisation of many Third World initiatives.
So many made ​​their way to West Berlin and suddenly appeared in the middle of protests and demonstrations, articulating violently “IWF Mödertreff”. And then had to sprint away from water cannons and counter actions of the police. What is left of these protests, this political attitude that not politically active and unorganised “Tourism protesters” turned-on in order to represent a supposedly common cause? What mobilizes people today? Why is not more emerged of this one thing, this anti-imperialist mass mobilization?


Spor Klübü 

Freienwalder Str. 31, 13359 Berlin-Mitte (Wedding)

U8 Pankstr./S Bornholmerstr.

Opening: Friday 28.11.2014, 19.00 o’clock