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Lyman Good Breakdown:
This matchup gives both fighters a clear path to success. Maia needs early takedowns and a quick entry. At age 41, his speed and cardio greatly diminishes in all of his struggles beyond the halfway point. Maia relies on backing opponents up into the fence to start chaining takedown attempts. However on the toes Good will have a massive benefit and often looks to be the one moving ahead with stress. Maia can get desperate and take from a distance and the stopping power of Good will make him pay in this circumstance. Expect a tense first round but if Good can avoid the submission he could open upon the exhausting Maia to find a KO or heap on the damage to get a choice.
Bet = Good at 2.65 (+165) odds. Risk 4 Units to acquire 6.6 Units.Mara Romero Borella Breakdown:
Borella will be seeking to find you to the floor where she’s shown good skills with a handful of submission successes. On the feet she’s adequate but won’t wish to be more fighting there against Santos who attracts impressive power and mixtures. Santos is making her debut and while she has seemed striking, her regional opponents were of the lowest grade. Her takedown defence is yet to be examined plus a UFC calibre fighter will surely find success here. If she can score several takedowns, this underdog has a good chance for success.
Bet = Borella at 2.63 (+163) chances. Risk 3 Units to win 4.9 Units.
Markus Perez Breakdown:
Perez is a well rounded fighter, who brings a lot of strength and heart to every fight. Hernandez is an aggressive and aggressive striker making his UFC debut. He is a fast starter who’s very unproven out of their very first round. Perez can weather the early storm before taking over with his cardio and grappling. Start looking for him to demonstrate that the inexperienced fighter a few fresh moves and get a submission victory once he establishes top control.
Bet = Perez in 2.35 (+135) odds. Risk 3 Units to win 4.05 Units.
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