Surrey Storm director Mikki Austin discusses challenges of leading franchise and playing at same time

Back in August 2018, Mikki Austin was announced as Surrey Storms director of netball and that she promptly took on the task of enjoying at exactly the same moment for it and leading a franchise.
The player that was mid-court entered her director of netball role in Surrey Storm with pedigree that was important. She was a part of the back title winning squad in 2015 and 2016 and has been a three-time winner of the lovers Player of the trophy.
Running a teenaged academy heart beat along with a training role placed foundations however, also the 26-year-old admits that year was not simple.
Last year for all kinds of different reasons was really difficult, Austin told Sky Sports.
Ill be really honest. Everyone says that is the dream job and do not get me wrong, its – that I am so blessed and so blessed for to mention I have this opportunity to do exactly what I do – however there is not anything that can prepare one for this task apart from just doing this along with trial and error.
Now Ive got a year under my belt, I feel a lot more prepared for what is to come for the rollercoaster which is Superleague. But I am 26 and Ive worked really hard for the majority of my career where I am an athlete 29, to put myself. I still have that mentality.
First and foremost I am a netballer. Im that is what I wish to do and a participant. I am very fortunate that I am supported by an organisation – a franchise at the University of Surrey that back me doing both functions.
After earning six victories surrey Storm ended last season and Austin admits that the interval was a struggle.
To be really honest I came to this project last year quite late. A lot required to come to a job like this, which means if that makes sense, youre fighting flames consistently and trying to get things moving and placing up them. This was a stressful period.
I always knew this time around was likely to be completely different clearly because I had much more time.
I think because last season was so stressful, after that Grand Final was done, it wasRight, all things go in preparation for next season and lets get as much done as physically possible in May, June and July when it regards pre-season period in September, all we have to focus on is the playing part. I think that was super smart.
Austins focus and ancient trainings mean that she has her squad down locked. Its a squad that is made up of 70 per cent of returnees and then some fresh developments in areas.
Austin believes the new developments willpay real dividends and they comprise Northern Ireland global Niamh Cooper and Leah Middleton from Queensland Firebirds.
The franchise s appearance maker, yasmin Hodge-England, Katy Hughes and Yaz Parsons have also returned.
Austin will continue to announce the rest of Storms 15-player squad over the coming weeks.
Will be our first chance to find some of them in actions.
I really like this job and I completely understand how much of a chance I have that is truly rare, Austin added. I definitely do not take that for granted no matter how stressful it might appear.
I have always wanted this opportunity and I will take each day as it comes. Weve got aims and ambitions for Fast5 and outside that which we would like to achieve in Vitality Netball Superleague in 2020, so I will do whatever I could for us because a playing team to attain that.
Sky Sports is the house of netball and it yields to your screens while the Roses returning into televised activity under Jess Thirlby whenever they tour South Africa in November, beginning with all the British Championships on Saturday, October 12.

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