Sofia Touboura @ Elika Gallery

(I died so many times that I became) Immortal

29.09 – 04.11.2017

Along with Jack Burton’s exhibition, Sophia Toumpoura presents an installation in the gallery’s garden, at the occasion of the winter solstice, using symbolisms and notions that are attributed to it, only with a more positive approach: harvest, completion, death, beginning of the esoteric phase of life, esotericism, introspection, sowing, conception.

Large scale prints on fabric, plexiglass, both small and big sculptures, ceramic, aluminum and bronze, create a multi-coloured environment that entices the visitors to wander around freely, feel at ease and find their very own contact, or intersection point, between nature and urban industrial civilization.

At the opening night and throughout the exhibition, Touboura will perform her own compositions during a live ambient electronica solo.