Sofia Touboura @ Elika Gallery

(I died so many times that I became) Immortal

22.11 – 21.12.2017


Sophia Touboura’s installation in the gallery’s garden is being revamped and will extend until December 21st. The installation was set up for the occasion of the winter solstice, using symbolisms and notions that have been long tied to it, only with a more positive approach: harvest, completion, death, beginning of the esoteric phase of life, esotericism, introspectionsowing, conception. Sculptures, digital prints on fabric, industrial and natural materials, water, flashing colors, gather and merge, creating an unusual environment that entices the visitors to wander around freely, feel at ease and find their very own entry or intersection point, between nature and urban industrial civilization. Towards a completion of the symbolism that the work carries, the winter solstice is being used symbolically – in ancient (celebrations of the sun) as well as in contemporary civilizations (Christmas / New Years Day) – consisting a ground zero and the end of the descending course of the year.


On 22 November, along with the opening of the indoor group exhibition “Landscape revisited”, an acoustic activation of the outdoor installation will take place at the Gallery