Patrick Day: Charles Conwell writes emotional letter to injured opponent

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Because he fights for his life following their departure in Chicago boxer Charles Conwell has composed an emotional letter to his wounded competitor Patrick Day.
Day, 27, is in a coma ina very critical condition after enduring a severe brain injury.
He had been taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after a 10th-round knockout from the super-welterweight battle.
I never meant that to happen to you, all I wished to do was win, wrote Days American compatriot Conwell, 21.
If I could take it all back, I would. No-one warrants this to happen to them
Conwell posted a link to the letter on websites.
He said this could be the final time that he spoke on the thing as it had beena sensitive topic for Days family and friends, the game of boxing.
I replay the battle again and again in my head thinking what if that happened and why did it occur to you, said Conwell.
I can not stop thinking about it myself. I prayed for you and lose many tears because I could imagine my family members and friends would feel.
I find you everywhere you go and that I hear is amazing things about you.
I thought about quitting boxing however I know thats not what youd want.
I understand that youre a fighter at heart so I decided to not, and also to struggle and win a world title because that is exactly what you wanted and thats what I need so that I will work with you as inspiration every day and be sure I leave it all in the ring each moment.
He signs off with #ChampPatrickDay. With compassion. Charles Conwell.
Days coach Joe Higgins replied:Thank you for the kind words. our relationship is special patrick was born across the road from me.
Hed have wanted you to keep. I am really rooting for you to reach your fantasy.
I also am distraught because Im responsible but do realise there isnt any fault. Stay strong and please dont believe we blame you.
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