Pantelis Chandris

curated by George Vavyloussakis

Pantelis Chandris participates in the goup show Paradise curated by George Vavyloussakis.

Opening: Friday 18 March at 8pm

Duration: 18/3/16 – 17/4/16

Kastoros 78, Piraeus               
+30 210 4082700 / +30 6957 213213
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 – 21:00
PARADISE was conceived as an open and exploratory concept.

The collaborating artists were asked to approach again this timeless topic in the History of Arts
illustrating their own contemporary meaning and expressions in aspects that address
the topic within social, political, religious and self- existence coordinates.
We looked deeply at provoking questions such as: Is Paradise a concept that is eternal
or time-bounded, situated on earth or heaven, a personal reward or a granted right?
This exhibition sets a framework of individual and collective explorations with the effort to also
address their interconnections. Impressions on guilt, shame, temptation, misbehavior, but also
perfection, euphoria, and our connection to nature are addressed. As the borders on these
concepts are constantly moving or redefined, we search for the ideal contemporary
definitions of Paradise through the modern pallet.
The artists through their personal search, agonies, and reflections provide the views to plot
a reference canvas for our questions on Paradise as a journey on self-existence,
and an effort to look esoterically for our placement in today’s life.