Odds to Win the NL East: Miami Marlins & Philadelphia Phillies

Miami Marlins +20000

Can we really desire to dive deep into the numbers about this”group”? Tanking is usually somewhat less evident in baseball although the fact that the Marlins had the previous two NL MVPs in their roster less than two decades ago and gift-wrapped them to opposing teams for nearly nothing makes me ill to my stomach. So I won’t be spending any with this humiliation to baseball most casual fans can’t even name more than three players. Thank you, next!
Philadelphia Phillies +175
The remodel of this franchise has made me a believer Though I could poke holes at this lineup. The top of their order could match up with any team in MLB and they had been this past year, right in the thick of the playoff hunt prior to a dreadful September. Basically, the reason I am about the Phillies is they give me the least cause for concern among to receive a team to begin a year is a quality wager and the NL East contenders.

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