Nikos Sepetzoglou

 ‘In the Stillness Between Two Waves of the Sea’, is an exchange between artists from Greece and California, creating a dialog between these seemingly disparate cultures. Like a cartography  of places and approaches, this exhibition will map points of coexistence among chaotic global politics. Nikos Sepetzoglou participates with his visual work, both in Los Angeles and at […]

Vangelis Gokas

Vangelis Gokas  participates in the group exhibition Back to Basics: Painting, curated by Artemis Potamianou. The show is part of the Back to Basics series that explores key issues and elements of art making, looks into the aims as well as the approaches of artists to the use of the medium of painting. ΕΝΙΑ Gallery, 18 May […]

Yiannis Theodoropoulos

Yiannis Theodoropoulos participates in the group show Homo sportivus in the House of Cyprus. This exhibition deals with a number of issues related to sporting spectacles, sports subjects and objects. Curated by Konstantinos Argianas. From 29 June –  27 July 2018 For more information please visit :

Yiannis Theodoropoulos

Yiannis Theodoropoulos participates in the group show  Shell // the politics of being. Dr Kostas Prapoglou invites 21 contemporary artists from three generations to discover, through their cross-disciplinary visual vocabulary, their own thread of the story. From  26 June – 24 July 2018. For more information please visit :

Kostas Roussakis

Kostas Roussakis participates in the group exhibition Constellations in the dirt on the site of the presently formed Kouphonisi Archaeological Collection. His visual work is commissioned by NEON and will be presented from June 20 trough September 2. For more information please visit:  

Irini Bachlitzanaki

Irini Bachitzanaki, Vassilis Zografos and Maria Ikonomopoulou present the exhibition ‘Unguided Tour’ exploring through their coexistence a version of the visual artist as a potential collector of objects. At Martinos Art Gallery,  from 07/06 until 30/06. For more information please visit:

Yiannis Theodoropoulos

Yiannis Theodoropoulos participates in the group show Nothing is really Queered. The exhibition is part of the Back to Athens 6 International Cultural Festival,  a public showcase of contemporary art and expression that boosts social awareness and restores the local community to the Athens City Center. From 01/06 – 10 /06. For more information please visit:

Irini Bachlitzanaki, Royal Academy Schools

Artists in their first year at the RA Schools will present a diverse range of work, from installation, video, sound and performance to sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing and photography. Looking forward to see Irini Bachlitzanaki’s work in Honeymoon, Royal Academy Schools. 19 May — 23 May 2018, Weston Studio, RA Schools. For more info please visit:

Pantelis Chandris, Kostas Roussakis

In Impulses of inalienability a broad selection of artists, among them Pantelis Chandris and Kostas Roussakis,  present sculptures, paintings and wall paintings, prints, photographs, and site-specific installations, that cross at the cracks of a complementary exposition of powerful partings with personal-political, geographical, and genealogical glory. In this sweeping group exhibition, the works of the artists are largely caught […]

Vangelis Gokas

Vangelis Gokas  participates in the group exhibition Painting Notes, curated by Maria Stathi. The exhibition aims to study different approaches, conceptions and responses to painting today. It’s an attempt to show the use of painting in the practice of each artist and their distinctive approach confronting contemporary issues. May 04 – June 22, [art seen] gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.