Las Vegas Expert Picks: MLB, Preseason NFL, EPL

Vegas veteran Benjamin Eckstein, author of America’s Line, brings three years of expertise to make weekly??selections within his”Ecks & Bacon” column.
LAS VEGAS — Had a ton of questions about this Red Sox-Royals game that has been suspended Wednesday at 4-4 in the conclusion of the ninth inning. The rule is that??a sport needs to go 8.5 innings in order to have an effect at the sportsbooks. The match went but nearly all of the joints have been calling the moneyline a push, since there will not be an outcome until August 22.
On the other hand, that the 4-4 score at the end of nine??innings DID pay the UNDER, together with the OVER/UNDER??total closing at 11. And if you’d the Royals about the runline, which was +1.5 runs, COLLECT your cash top and go to the counter, infant, it was a
Gave out a baseball winner, even a soccer winner??along with a winning softball in last week’s column. Just how am I gonna shirt Push it into 7-0
Start tonight within the D-backs together using the Dodgers. It is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid Ferris, oops, Walker Buehler and his 7-0 mark at Dodger Stadium dating back into the center of last season.
So, obviouslywe AIN’T gonna avoid him. Walker’s numbers in the home recently are, making RIDONKULOUS, a word! Tell me, Eck. How about just one teeny little earned run throughout the last 16 innings, that translates into an invisible 0.56 ERA. And about 26 Ks from 16 eyeglasses. Yeah, TWENTY-SIX!
As for tonight’s NFL action, we’ve had a standing principle of NOT opening the wallet for any of this exhibition, oops, preseason games, but there are trainers who??have OWNED this distance. My man @JTFOZ informs me that Minnesota’s??Mike Zimmer in 14-7 (66.7%)??is one of the three best coaches from the spread from the preseason. You make the call.
Searching in on the English Premier League tomorrow, and we’ll begin using Watford over Brighton & Hove. The Hornets started last year with four consecutive wins and ought to not have any issue with this Seagulls.
Why? Because Watford has not dropped its opening league match in the past 12 seasons. Yeah, TWELVE seasons. It was six wins and six draws, thus we’ll take Watford to triumph, and also just in case, back it up with some money on the draw.
In the late game, gotta have Tottenham over Aston Villa. You know that I am Arsenal and my wife is Tottenham, and as far as it disturbs me to root for the Spurs, do not wanna leave money on the desk. It is gonna be expensive, however BOY, do we have reasons.
Tottenham has won nine of the previous 10 in this matchup, while scoring 24 and conceding just three. Do not feel that the Villans have sufficient to remain close, but just in case, we will back up with a couple pennies on the lure at like +450.
PLZ hit me on Twitter on the weekend, even @Vegasvigorish, just if anything pops on the baseball diamond.
Benjamin Eckstein is a nationwide syndicated sportswriter/oddsmaker. His column, America’s Line, together with the Ecks & Bacon appetizer, has run at the New York Daily News and over 100 other newspapers since 1988. You can follow him on line at??Www.Americasline.Com. He’s loved by most, when he chooses winners, and detested by others, when he picks the occasional failure. If you want slice of Eck, struck on his Email…Ben@Americasline.Com.

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