Francesco Molinari reflects on ‘massive’ win at Wentworth

Francesco Molinari has clarified his BMW PGA Championship win last year as”massive” due to his assurance and a crucial element that led to his unforgettable Open triumph at Carnoustie.
Molinari made an outstanding display of front-running past May, to maintain off playing-partner Rory McIlroy at Wentworth, and his success sparked a series of results which comprised his major title where he upstaged McIlroy and Tiger Woods.
The Italian recorded a five wins out of five in the Ryder Cup, although he picked up his silverware that was only at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March and has had a more bizarre 2019.
But he is looking forward to defending his BMW PGA title in the September playing of this championship and remains within the world’s top 10.
Reflecting on his triumph May, Molinari said:”It was massive because I had been in a comparable spot to last year without being able to shut out the tournament. It gave a lot of confidence to me.
“I was watching a video of the past couple of holes Sunday, and you might see that I was uncomfortable in that position. I believe that has been the very first step forward to getting more comfortable in leading a championship and shutting it out.
“I think if you compare it with Carnoustie, it is rather simple to see the difference. I’m quite happy how if I put in that position again this year, it moved and yeah I’ll hit a shot that is third that is better to 18!
“The win at the States (Quicken Loans National) obviously helped even more going into The Open, that gave me even more confidence then moving in the Ryder Cup. May, June, July have been especially those 3 months, although I am sure once I stop playing, I’ll reflect as an wonderful year.
“Obviously I’ll work as hard as I will do it, however I know I have put a fairly higher standard,” additional Molinari, who seemed on course to amass another significant title at the Masters in April, only to find water two on the back nine on Sunday since Woods stormed into his first major success in almost 11 years.
“I had a really good start of the year and then, after the Experts, obviously I haven’t done as well,” said Molinari, who hasn’t posted a top-10 ending in his eight starts because his Augusta National disappointment.
“I believe there’s been maybe some scheduling difficulties. Golf that was adequate and I’ve played aside from the PGA, at the other majors. I am happy how I played in the tournaments, although I am happy the way I played with in The Open and the US Open.
“It is tough to pinpoint one reason as to this. I have spoken to the people around me and we are attempting to work out how best to proceed, and also to play better golf.”

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