Failure The Symptom Projects


curated by Theodoros Zafeiropoulos

Gallery artist Theodoros Zafeiropoulos curates the group show Failure, part of the Symptom Projects.


October 4  – 26 2014

Former hospital of Amfissa

Visiting hours : daily 6-10am

The Symptom Projects presents the  group exhibition entitled “failure” curated by Theodoros Zafeiropouloulos. The exhibition will be on view from October 4-26 2014 in the former hospital of Amfissa supported by the Municipality of Delphi, The Athens School of Fine Arts and the organization NEON. The exhibition is centered on localizing and producing symptomatic examples that speak for the evaluation of the artistic practice (work) as “doomed” not to meet a premeditated, desired or sought-for target. Common “ground” of the exhibited works is to elucidate and showcase the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect the conception, the design, and the materialization of the work of Art and the Architecture. The participating artists were invited by the yardstick of the pluralistic contribution of thinking and problematizing about both the genealogy of the work and their proper stance on practice. A prime concern has been to assemble unexpected studying versions able to cover and broaden the spectrum of the field outlined by the term “failure”.

Participating Artists:

Vorrias Panos, Gerodimos Vasilis, Gyparakis Giorgos, Dallas Alexios, Efstasiadi Natasa, Kalara Nadia, Kanarelis Nikos, Kapellos Giannis, Kotsoulas Christos (capten), Laios Alexandros, Mantikou Lina, Bassanos Kostas, Xafopoulou Alexia, Ikonomeas Nikos, Papadatos Giorgos, Papadimitriou Nikos, Papadopoulos Nikos, Papaconstantinou Nina, Potamianou Artemis, Skaltsas Giannis, Spyrou Efi, Tserionis Giorgos, Tsolis Kostas, Fasouli Maro, Foutris Dimitris, Chandris Pantelis, Psychoulis Alexandros, Εrrands (Xagoraris Zafos, Dona Sophia, Pappa Nina, Theodoropoulos Dimitris, Koufakis Giorgos, Manouach Ilan, Sarantopoulou Alexia, Tsigara Maria), KangarooCourt (Ameladiotis Dimitris, Veis Simos, Gountzos Filippos, Koukoli Eleanna, Papadopoulos Iordanis, Sahini Nana, Stratoglou Ioanna), Lewis & Taggart.

During the exhibition, Sunday, October 5 (10.30-14.30) in the historic Mastronikolopoulo’s cafe will be presented a series of “asymptote dialogues” with the participation of: Dallas Alexios, Zavlari Meropi, Zafeiropoulos Theodoros, Sophia Dona, Palivou Stathoula, Filippos Oraiopoulos (Informal studio of Neo -Poetics).

Invited speakers: Fay Zika (Art Theorist, Assistant Professor of ASFA) and Bahtsetzis Sotiris (art historian, curator).

The exhibition and the collateral events will be recorded for the production of a short documentary film by Eleni Fetta.