Nikos Sepetzoglou

Bubble Dam

15.06.2017 - 15.07.2017

Nikos Sepetzoglou, Smoke, 2017

In his third solo exhibition with the gallery, Nikos Sepetzoglou focuses on issues that revolve around the intensity with which one faces the void; The void as image, reason, cancellation, meaning, opportunity, decay, overlap, break, loss, light …

The works on show, paintings and sculptures-objects, function as glossy fragments that form an equally fragmentary and complex allegorical space. Representations and meanings are canceled and re-assembled through the works’ continuous process of deconstruction.

The main work of the exhibition is a black wall which rises like a barrier blocking free movement across the gallery space. Despite its sturdy appearance when one looks at it from the front, its back side reveals a fragile materiality and a certain frivolousness in the construction (The fragments of the wooden surface are sewn together with string and ropes). This contradictory relationship characterises the exhibition as a whole, as the works oscillates between the social and the political infused with sarcasm as well as with humor.


Nikos Sepetzoglou was born in Athens in 1979. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Yiannis Psychopedis. Alongside his artistic practice he also works in the field of research and design of prehistoric wall paintings. Sepetzoglou currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.


2011-2012 Inter-Departmental Postgraduate Programme: Architectural Design – Space – Culture, School of Architecture n.t.u.a. Athens.

1999-2005 BA, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens.

2003-2004 Athens Schoolof Fine Arts, Engraving Workshop (Professor V.Kazakos)

1997-1998 Graphic Design Studies, The Vacalo Art School, Athens.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Bubble Dam, Elika Gallery, Athens.

2014 I HAVE A DIVER DOWN II, Elika Gallery, Athens.

2011 …O… (or a fragment) Elika Gallery, Athens.

2009 You & You,Six d.o.g.s. Project Space, Athens.

2009 I Have a Diver Down… Open studio, Athens.

Selected Group Exhibitions


Universal Topos, Argos.

Art-Athina 2017, Elika Gallery, Athens.

The Memory of Revolution | Contemporary Greek Artists – 100 years after the October Revolution at the State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki.


Enigami, curated by Y. Bollis & D. Gounari State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki.


Curious Artefacts, curated by Becky Campbell, Artwall, Athens.

Iroikon, curated by Provo Principles, Platforms Project @ Art-Athina 2015.

Setting, curated by Becky Campbell, Snehta Residency, Athens.


Art in Progress…Zina Athanasiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki.

Minimum Structure, curated by Apostolis Artinos, Romantzo – Bios, Athens.

DIA, curated by Elina Theodoropoulou, Athens Byzantine Museum, Athens.

Trickster/ The Variable Practice ,curated by Alexandros Psychoulis and Kostis Velonis, a.antonopoulou gallery, Thessaloniki.

Art-Athina 2014, with Elika Gallery, Athens.

ΤΟΠΟΙ Block – Spots at Owl Art Space project room, Athens.

Receptor: Into the Sack, curated by Sofia Simaki and Ioanna Myrka, CAMP, Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens.


The Cabinet – from Darkness to Light, Remap4, Athens.

Art-Athina 2013, Elika Gallery, Athens.

Persona non grata, curated by Provo Principles, Platforms Project @ Art-Athina 2013.


Vanishing point, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki. Curated by K. Nikou, G. Notti, E. Tsokanta.

Magic Circle, Loraini Alimantiri Gazonrouge, Athens. Curated by L. Alimantiri, C. Marinos.

Justice is mine, CAMP, Athens.


LOL, TAF, The Art Foundation, Athens. Curated by Provo Principles.

Undisclosed Recipients, TAF The Art Foundation, Athens.


The Vitrina Project,Open Show Studio, Athens.

10+1,  The Kakogiannis Foundation, Athens.

Cabinets of Miracles,Zone D project space organized by Zoumboulaki Galleries, Athens. Curated by P.Kosmadaki and C.Marinos.

The sound of color,Intervention‐Exhibition on the fa.ade of the Athens Concert Hall. Curated by  J.Psychopedis.

I Do,Six d.o.g.s. Project Space, Athens.

Midnight in the garden of good and evil,Elika Gallery, Athens.

Walk the line, 5th Animfest, the Greek Movie Library, Athens.


Cinephile, The Kakogiannis Foundation, Athens.

Amateur Bicyclism,During Remap2, Athens. Curated by S.Tournikioti and M.Th.Karra.

Zulu/I require a tug,Open Studio Presentation, Athens.


Metropolis, Art approaches the cinema, The Municipal Gallery of Athens.


Rooms to let, Kodra Festival, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

Fata Morgana, Tribute to poet N.Kavadias, The Benaki Museum, Athens.

Top Graduates of the Athens University of Fine Arts 2006, The Hellenic World Foundation, Athens. Curated by N.Misirli.


Strictly suitable,The Old Hospital, Patra / Byzantine Museum, Athens.


Renaissance Recycling, 3rd Summer Academy of the Greek NationalTheatre, The Eleftheriadis Terriade Museum, Mytilene. Curated by E.Varopoulou.


Writings-Landscapes,National Employment Association Space, Athens.

Prizes and Scholarships

2008 Nestle Recycling Competition Awards.

2005 Eurobank Young Artists Prize.

2000-2004 The Greek State Foundation Scholarship (Athens Art School Official Candidateship).





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