24.04.2014 - 31.05.2014


Elika Gallery presents the solo show of Zoe Giabouldaki, Erroneous Beliefs.

Giabouldaki’s approach is an almost alchemical one: The exhibition is composed of sculptures, installations, photographs and videos, which exude a strong sense of materiality, both individually and through the sum of their parts. The works are the result of the detailed investigation of the materials employed and their respective properties, their resistances and durability, as well as the ways in which they react. The element of experimentation is profound not only in the substances the artist uses as the starting point for her work, but also in the objects and images that build up her formal vocabulary. Recreating the world from its own materials, Giabouldaki negotiates the use of objects and the way in which we relate to them, as well as their properties and how we choose to invest in them.

The web, a source of information, knowledge, communication and services is recurrently employed as primal matter in Giabouldakis’ practice. The works on show result from a research consisting of numerous links, ranging from ones leading to documentaries, you tube tutorials, video clips and advertisements all the way through to the online order of materials and transport for the works. Mediation often becomes both a tool and the object of the work.

Examining the significance of the real and the apparent, the original and the copy, Zoe Giabouldaki negotiates the subjectivity and the objectivity of value as well as the circumstances of production and consumption under which it is shaped.

The text that accompanies the exhibition is by Galini Notti