18.11.2014 - 10.01.2015

Vangelis Gokas - For the expansion of the field of struggle

Elika Gallery presents the solo show of Vangelis Gokas 'For the expansion of the field of struggle'.

In his third solo show at Elika Gallery, Vangelis Gokas presents a new series of works, through which he elaborates upon his research on the dialectic between the act of painting, in its attempt to capture and interpret the world around him, and his surrounding environment on which he repeatedly, obsessively even, draws for inspiration.

The concerns of Gokas remain the same and this third exhibition forms a continuation and a dialogue with his two previous solo shows at the gallery. While some subjects are revisited the technique of the artist changes. This is precisely the point where one can discern the artist’s struggle with the subject of painting and its direction today. Images from everyday life – objects, landscapes, bodies and faces – examine the human condition in modern society. Whether it is a portrait of a boy, a sinking ship, a bin liner, or a light bulb, the images on show seem fragmented, calling upon the visitor to complete them. This quality adds both to the feeling of universality the works exude as well as to their enigmatic character. These are works that are deeply personal and sensitive and at the same time harsh, melancholic, romantic and distant.