18.11.2010 - 08.01.2011

Vangelis Gokas - Bluntness of Affect

Opening: Thursday 18 November 2010

Elika Gallery has the pleasure to present the new work of Vangelis Gokas entitled Bluntness of Affect. This is a scientific term describing a lack of emotional reactivity on the part of an individual. Victims of post-traumatic stress syndrome are often said to display blunted affect, where they live as observers without being able to react to what they see and listen.

In his previous body of work, Gokas presented scenery where most of the popular elements of nature were almost erased, having in that way succumbed in an intentional cancellation. In this exhibition the works portray indoors spaces, objects and furniture of everyday use (bed, sheets, etc) that appear to stay “empty” and invite the viewer to resurrect some of their own experiences.

The importance of the dynamics of the space becomes more profound. The painter takes the distance of a viewer, looks around numed of feelings and transcribes everything without the intention of content, sorrow, pleasure or nostalgia. Therefore, every image is open to interpretation and reaction, while creating a secret relation between the artwork and the viewer.

Gokas’ painting makes a direct discourse with art history in a dialogue among classical, modern and contemporary painting. The result, well studied and absorbed, is transfigured in a completely personal artistic language. Often, some elements are repeated again and again, like images of the same dream, fixations that puzzle, but without the absence of sensitivity and romanticism.