05.03.2015 - 18.04.2015

Pantelis Chandris - Stealth

Elika Gallery presents the solo show of Pantelis Chandris Stealth

Elika gallery presents Pantelis Chandris’ new solo exhibition, Stealth.

The word stealth is used both colloquially and in the context of the contemporary military and arms industry to describe an action that takes place in secrecy; under wraps. The term is employed in order to characterize an activity that is difficult, almost impossible to detect and track. Chandris borrows the term, and uses it in an attempt to express this sense of invisibility as well as our shortcomings and refusal sometimes to pick up on certain things. At the same time the employment of the term as the title of the show comments upon the human need to sometimes come up with a cover of our own, a shield that could potentially make us invisible.

Ingrained in this context, and through a new body of work, Chandris creates the atmosphere of a camping environment. In this particular circumstance that is defined by the temporal stay outdoors, a narrative is developed through which the notions of settlement and refuge as well as the existence of the incident are explored. Through sculpture, installation and video Chandris traces the moment in which the human condition oscillates between earthly and celestial topology.


Duration of exhibition 05.03 – 18.04.15

Opening hours Τuesday – Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-4pm

Private View Thursday, 05.03.15 / 20.00