15.06.2017 - 15.07.2017

Nikos Sepetzoglou - Bubble Dam

Elika Gallery presents Bubble Dam, the third solo show of Nikos Sepetzoglou.

In his third solo exhibition with the gallery, Nikos Sepetzoglou focuses on issues that revolve around the intensity with which one faces the void; The void as image, reason, cancellation, meaning, opportunity, decay, overlap, break, loss, light …

The works on show, paintings and sculptures-objects, function as glossy fragments that form an equally fragmentary and complex allegorical space. Representations and meanings are canceled and re-assembled through the works’ continuous process of deconstruction.

The main work of the exhibition is a black wall which rises like a barrier blocking free movement across the gallery space. Despite its sturdy appearance when one looks at it from the front, its back side reveals a fragile materiality and a certain frivolousness in the construction (The fragments of the wooden surface are sewn together with string and ropes). This contradictory relationship characterises the exhibition as a whole, as the works oscillates between the social and the political infused with sarcasm as well as with humor.