24.09.2014 - 01.11.2014

Nikos Kanarelis - Quiet Life

Elika Gallery presents the solo show of Nikos Kanarelis Quiet Life.

Through a series of new works composed of twelve drawings Kanarelis presents a journey towards the truth, a truth bound to a genuine subjective point of view of the familiar and the object. Executed in pencil, and with great emphasis placed on detailed representation, the still lives on show seem real and tangible, while at the same time they are deeply personal and idiosyncratic. Juxtaposed to one another they resemble cropped film noir stills. Their dramatic quality is partly achieved through the use of chiaroscuro, reliant on light sources that the artist himself has set up in his living space. As a result, and in development of his previous work, both through the technique employed as well as through his subject matter Kanarelis makes an indirect reference to the history and theory of art. At the same time, his drawings reveal an attempt to imbue recent musings and experiences with symbolic meaning: things and objects embody significance, narratives within narratives, and emotion.