22.11.2017 - 05.01.2018

Landscape Revisited - group show

Participating artists: Kostas Bassanos, Gary Colcough, Zoe Giabouldaki, Vangelis Gokas, Nikos Kanarelis, Alexandros Laios, Yannis Malegiannakis, Christos Michaelides, Julian Opie, Sophia Papacosta, Vicky Pericleous, Lefteris Tapas, Yannis Theodoropoulos, Kostas Tsolis, Marina Velisioti, Myrto Xanthopoulou, Ioanna Ximeri.

Throughout the years, from 5th century BC Chinese poetry and all the way to the apogee of the western landscape painting, -somewhere between romanticism and impressionism, unfolds the idealization of the relationship between Man and Nature. Different societies, at different periods of their own history, develop views of the world and the surrounding landscapes that reflect the morals, values and aspirations defining their core existence and structure. New ways of viewing and interpreting the surroundings have emerged, once the artists ceased to solely focus on historical subjects and turned their gaze towards the natural environment. The artistic practice contributed intellectual, ethical and esthetical values, transmuting the environment into a landscape. The term artialisation of the landscape, -conceptually broadened by Alain Roger as he transliterated Montaigne, introduces the notion of an in situ and an in visu transformation of a land into a landscape, either directly or indirectly.

The exhibition Landscape revisited, attempts to display contemporary traces of these penetrations into the landscape. The artists return to reexamine this Art sub-category, employing different means and approaches. The works explore at times the horizon as a point of reference, -even convey an absence of depth, at times they define space at the beginning of alignment. The landscape is approached and implied conceptually in some works, whereas elsewhere, it emerges with the graphic directness of an advertisement. Within a well calibrated frame, the artists explore the importance of rather viewing nature in part, than in whole. What comes as an addendum, is the realization that a landscape displays degrees of concealment and revelation, natural and structured, imaginary and existing. The scope of nature, epic and inexhaustible, becomes a field of broadened artistic expression and interaction, a catalyst between landscape and creator.