30.09.2010 - 13.11.2010

Spyros Staveris - FACEBOOK I

Facebook I

Opening: Thursday 30 September 2010
Exhibition Dates: 30.09 - 13.11

curated by Renata Konstantinou/Lightroom Projects

Elika gallery and Lightroom projects, in collaboration with the Hellenic Center of Photography present under the frame of Athens Photo Festival 2010 the solo exhibition of Spyros Staveris.

Staveris, one of the most important Greek photographers, has been widely known for his career in newspapers and magazines (starting with 01 magazine at the beginning of the 90’s).

With Facebook I, for the first time, 42 of his photographs are being presented under a new approach, in a solely artistic space, a contemporary art gallery.

In the last two decades, Staveris has photographed countless faces of the Greek society and has focused almost in all hidden aspects of the Greek reality. With his personal, artistic insight, he portrays details that are seductive, sensitive, funny, melancholic, tragic, coming from completely opposite worlds, but always real and human. He photographs with the same reverence and respect politicians, actors, hookers, junkies, businessmen, and popular singers. Thus, in an almost magic way, he always succeeds in bringing up their own personal “truth”, either from snapshots, or from designated portraits.

In addition, personal space has always been of great interest to Staveris – as much as the person that inhabits it. For the first time, he will present a series of photographs of interiors, each one with its own stories, as these are portrayed through the objects, the furniture, etc.

So, why the title Facebook I? Staveris himself gives us the answer: “The exhibition works a bit like Facebook, because I always leave space to people. I never have a predesigned aspect in my photoshoots. The result works like “opening” a friend’s photos in his facebook profile. In the same way that one can judge or assume things through a selection of photographs that are “open” to public, one can understand the people that are portrayed in this exhibition. They are all human beings who are self-defined and self-directed.