22.12.2015 - 09.01.2016

artist’s book: syn[chrono]sides - Anastasia Mina & Maria Ikonomopoulou

© Anastasia Mina (1986, Pafos, CY)  Maria Ikonomopoulou (1961, Kalamata, GR)





Elika Gallery presents syn[chrono]sides, an artist’s book by Anastasia Mina and Maria Ikonomopoulou. Comprising six abstract drawings by each artist and a collaborative one, the book is the result of the collaboration between the two artists, who based in London and Rotterdam respectively, corresponded for a year and exchanged drawings.

syn[chrono]sides is based on the process of writing and on constantly repeated single units that form geometric and organic patterns. By reducing their means to a minimum – employing only pencil or pen on paper – the artists create a series of drawings that address notions of repetition, time and space.

In the double-sided book the back cover serves as the cover and vice versa. Both artists started working on opposite sides of the book and when they reached the middle they worked on a drawing together. The 45 copies of the book are all handmade referencing the manuscripts of antiquity and the way these were reproduced by monks throughout the Middle Ages.

syn[chrono]sides will be exhibited alongside a number of preliminary drawings made by the artists while working on the book. On January the 5th, 2016 at 18.00 a conversation between the two artists will take place around notions related to the project such as repetition, discipline, time, freedom and restriction, perfection and imperfection. This will be led by visual artist Vasilis Zografos, who introduced the artists as part of the exhibition Kodra Fresh: Floating Walls which he curated in 2013, in Thessaloniki.

This will be the second of three presentations of the book, following its presentation at Walgenbach Art & Books in Rotterdam in November of 2014 and a presentation in London scheduled for October of 2016.