06.09.2018 - 22.09.2018

Angela Svoronou – Marinos Tsagkarakis - Summer Inn Paradise Revisited

Meeting on September 6 for the opening of the first exhibition of the season!
Summer Inn Paradise Revisited with works by Angela Svoronou and Marinos Tsagkarakis.

There’s a country called Tourism. This seems like a paradoxical statement as tourism means a change of country, with all the fluidity that such a transition entails. Yet, anywhere you go as a tourist, you are definitely stuck in this country – somehow, escape seems impossible even if it’s a country on the move. The language spoken there is English, mixed with any other tongue available. The landmarks that make it recognisable are always the same. But strangely, when you set foot on this magical land of paradise, you won’t easily recognise its landmarks – perhaps because your own identity has been suspended. A critical gaze requires a solid identity but the holiday season urgently drowns all aesthetic criteria in shallow waters and cold Nescafe Frappe. To acknowledge the land of the tourist, you need to look at it from a distance. (…)

excerpt paragraph of the text Parabysse by Maria Yiayiannou