05.09.2018 - 22.09.2018

Angela Svoronou – Marinos Tsagkarakis - Summer Inn Paradise Revisited

Elika Gallery presents Summer Inn Paradise Revisited with works by Angela Svoronou and Marinos Tsagkarakis.

Elika Gallery presents Summer Inn Paradise Revisited with works by Angela Svoronou and Marinos Tsagkarakis. The tourist resorts of the Northeastern coast of Crete have been the point of reference for the encounter of the two visual artists. At different moments and by employing a distinct aesthetic approach, they capture in this exhibition the results of the landscape and man coexistence through “edgy”, paradoxical, funny, melancholic, yet often poetic images.

Angela Svoronou, detects the shifting landscape of Aghios Nikolaos, where she resided for the first time in the winter of 2006. The abundant natural wealth, the raw beauty of the Lasithi region’s capital is interjected by hotel units, sunbed-populated beaches, taverns with oversized signs, British pubs with monstrous satellite dishes, souvenir shops, cantinas, lawn-surrounded swimming pools and all kinds of entertainment spaces. Svoronou approaches this visual extravaganza both as an observer and a wanderer. She often observes the crowds within a “safety” distance, while at times she wanders off amongst the sunbathing holidaymakers and becomes a part of the crowd, incorporating discretely her camera-carrying presence. The same people who were present in front of her camera lens, appear “absent” when gazing at her photos.

Interested in depicting the completion of the tourist season, Marinos Tsagkarakis arrives at the very same places once the lights are off. His landscapes are deserted, cloudy yet luminous at the same time, infused with the humidity of the rain and the sea. They immortalize weird buildings with a pronounced sense of desertion, as if the people who used to reside there have left. Tsagkarakis consciously orchestrates and concurrently “illuminates”, (his using of photographic flash is not coincidental), a well-hidden, almost unknown side of tourism, where the anticipation of the next tourist season is pervasive.

Angela Svoronou (1976) was born in Athens and studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She pursued post-graduate studies in photography at the London College of Communication and at the University of East London She has exhibited her works as a solo artist and participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and has received several international photography awards. She represented Greece at the 13th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. Her works have been acquired by private collectors and museums.

Marinos Tsagkarakis (1984) was born and raised in Heraklion, Crete. He studied Economic Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and obtained his MBA in Management Information Systems at the University of Macedonia. He later pursued his studies in contemporary photography. His works have been exhibited at international fairs and exhibitions and art spaces in the USA and Europe.

Exhibition texts: Theofilos Tramboulis, Maria Yiayiannou

Concept curatorial: Angela Svoronou

The production of the exhibited works has been undertaken by the Cultural Athletic Organisation of the Municipality of Aghios Nikolaos, on the occasion of the Summer Inn Paradise exhibition, inaugurated at the Aghios Nikolaos Municipal Gallery in May 2017.