Artists' Cards 2016

Artists’ Cards

We are happy to announce that this year’s edition of Artists’ Cards will open on Saturday, the 10th of December and will be presented alongside the solo exhibition ‘study for a sedate landscape’ by artist Ilias Papailiakis.

For Artists’ Cards artists are invited to create one or more works in the form of a postcard. The works presented, both originals and editions, will be for sale for the duration of the project and their prices will range from 15-150 euros.

From the famous Fluxus cards to the use of postcards by artists such as Gilbert and George and Rachel Whiteread, the preoccupation of artists with this particular format, similarly to the better-known artists’ books, holds a distinct position in the history of contemporary art. The familiarity of the card as an object, its immediacy and directness, largely due to the brief message it contains, its being a means of communication, or at times a memento and a souvenir, as well as its size, which makes it an object easy to handle, are only some of the elements that compose a truly interesting form for artists to work on. At the same time, the project is inspired by the holiday season, a perfect reminder of the continuing relevance and appeal of the card as a physical object, despite the imperatives of an increasingly digitalized era.

Duration: 10.12.16 – 30.12.16

Opening hours:

Gallery Weekend /  Saturday 17.12: 12-5 pm & Sunday 18.12: 11-3 pm

Τuesday-Friday 12-8 pm, Saturday 12-4 pm