Yiannis Theodoropoulos was born in Athens in 1962. He studied photography at Focus, Athens (1988-1990) and also holds an MA from Goldsmiths, London (1998-1999). He has participated in numerous shows both in Greece and abroad including Monodrome, the third Athens Biennale, the exhibitions Depression Era and Reframe Memory at the Benaki Museum, Athens, The Right to (The) Archive at ISET, Athens,The Elements that Rest at the Museum of Sikelianos, Delphi,Visual Dialogues 2013, Onassis Cultural Centre at Plato’s Academy Leisure Park, Cabinets of Miracles at Zone D, Athens, Ten Aspects of Hellenic Photography, Théâtre de la Photographie et de l’Image, Νice and Self-reflexivity, Canal Isabel II, ARCO 2004, Μadrid. Sacred Wind is his ninth solo exhibition to date.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Sacred Wind, Elika Gallery, Athens.

2014 Untitled, AD Gallery, Athens.

2011 Untitled, AD Gallery, Athens.

2008 Untitled, AD Gallery, Athens.

2002 Untitled, AD Gallery, Athens.

1999 Untitled, AD Gallery, Athens.

Selected Group Exhibitions


Back to basics: Space, ENIA Gallery. Curated by Artemis Potamianou

The Symptom Project #9 – Versions of Gardens,  Amfissa. Curated by  Faye Zika, Nikos Papadopoulos.

Homo sportivus, House of Cyprus, Athens. Curated by Konstantinos Argianas.

Shell // the politics of being, 15th High School of Kypseli, Athens. Curator Kostas Prapoglou.

Nothing is really Queered, Back to Athens 6, Old Paper Warehouse.

Geometries, Agricultural University of Athens. Collaboration of Onassis Cultural Center and locus athens.


Landscape Revisited, Elika Gallery, Athens.

Αναφορά Περιπτώσεων, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens. Curator: Christoforos Marinos.

Art-Athina 2017, Elika Gallery, Athens.


Sunset in Athens (part three), Vamiali’s gallery, Athens.
Borders/Crossroads: Mediterranean photography festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rethymno.

NICE, a poetic exploration about the possibility of return, of memory ,homeland and loss. Cultural Center Manos Loizos, Nice, Athens. Curators: Yiannis Grigoriadis and Yiannis Isidorou.

You are Horny and Romantic I Wanna Fall in Love, an Open Studio project at Snehta Residency, Athens.

Greek Stories Revisited, Lishui photography festival, China. Curator: Vaggelis Ioakimidis

LO AND BEHOLD, Athens, Greece, Once a year LO AND BEHOLD produces a multiple artwork, signed and numbered from one of our associate artists, as an offer to all members, in recognition of their support.

5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art under the title Between the Pessimism of the Intellect and the Optimism of the Will, with the collectiva Depression Era, Thessaloniki, Greece

Κenophobia, CAN gallery, Athens, Greece. Curator: Christina Androulidaki.

Tα στοιχεία που αδρανούν – The Symptom Project-Es-optron 3, Angelos and Eva Sikelianos Museum, Delphi, Greece. Curator: Kostas Christopoulos.

Reframe Memory, Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens.

Unkown Artist, S. Tryfon Cultural Space, Mithimna, Lesvos. Curator: Christina Sgouromiti.

Save as …..ART?, bhive / pop up Project Space, Athens. Curators: Aggela Mandilari, Chara Dimakakou.

Art Athina Contemporaries: 2015-1976, Art Athina 2015, Athens. Curator: Christoforos Marinos.

Innocent Categories. Suspicious Narratives, Contemporary Greek Art Institute-iset, Athens, Greece. Curator: Elpida Karaba.

Mirrorless, CASK Gallery, Larissa, Greece. Curator: Nikos Samaras.

Moving Mouths, House of Cyprus, Athens. A project by aglimpseof magazine.


Basement in the Open, Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun, Athens. Curator: Christina Petrinou.

Depression Era, Benaki Museum (Pireos str. Annexe), Athens.

Bound for Tinos II, Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Tinos. Curator: Christopher Marinos.

No Country For Young Men, Contemporary Greek Art in Times of Crisis ,with the collectiva Depression Era, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels. Curator: Katerina Gregos

Like, Ekfrasi-Yianna Grammatopoulou Gallery, Athens. Curator: Angelos Skourtis.

F is for Football, Skouze3, Athens. Curator: Konstantinos Argianas.

Visual Dialogues 2013: C.P. Cavafy at the Plato’s Academy Leisure Park, Onassis Cultural Center, Plato’s Academy Leisure Park, Athens. Curator: Marilena V. Karra.

Synthesis, Françoise Heitsch, Munich. Curator: Christina Petrinou.

Microgeographies III: Toi E Tes Epaves, Bureau, Athens. Project: Hariklia Hari.

The Artist and the Practice, Vamiali’s Gallery, Athens. Curators: Dimitra Vamiali, Sophia Vamiali.

Microgeographies II: An Accidental Guide To Urban Coming, The Apartment off-site, Athens. Project: Hariklia Hari.

Exercises on Democracy, White House Biennial, open C.A.S.E. 303, Athens. Project: Nikos Charalampidis.


To the Limits of Togetherness, The Symptom Projects, Amfissa. Curator: Kostis Stafylakis.

New Gold Era, Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki.Curator: Andromachi Pesmatzoglou.

Counter Culture: The Emergence of a New Social Subject 1983-2012, CAMP!-Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens. Curators: Pantelis Arapinis, Nikos Xydakis.

Things, TAF The Art Foundation, Athens. Curator: Irini Bachlitzanaki.

Tout Va Bien, CAMP!-Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens. Curator: Andreas Vousouras.

Videodrome, CAMP!-Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens. Curator: Kika Kiriakakou.


Chain Reaction, TΑF The Art Foundation, Athens. Curators: Evangelia Ledaki, Galini Notti, Evita Tsokanta.

Athens Pride, The Breeder, Athens. Curator: Andrea Gilbert.

Pigs Case, Supermarket Art Fair with Lo and Behold, Stockholm.

Reference/Representation, zone D Zoumboulakis Galleries, Jewish Museum, guest event of the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennale,Thessaloniki. Curators: Vassilis Vassilakakis, Christos Venetis, Vangelis Gokas, Kostas Christopoulos.

All That Melts Into Air Is Solid, Elika Gallery, Athens.. Curator: Galini Notti.

Monodrome, 3rd Athens Biennale, Diplareios School, Athens.

Cabinets of Miracles, Zone D-Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens. Curators: Polyna Kosmadaki, Christopher Marinos.

Mixed and Mastered, Arta Video in Grecia Anilor 2000, Bucharest, Romania. curators: Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Christopher Marinos.

Who We Are, Taf The Art Foundation, Athens.Curator: Renata Konstandinou.

Battlefield, Taf The Art Foundation, Athens.

Space Is the Place, a project by Lo and Behold, About, Athens.

Art Athina 2010, AD Gallery’s booth, Faliro Pavilion, Athens.

Salon de Vortex, a project by Intothepill, Athens.

Hidden Athens, Taf The Art Foundation, Athens. Curator: Thanasis Moutsopoulos.

Mixed and Mastered. Arta Video in Grecia Anilor 2000, Centrul de Introspectie Vizuala, Bucharest. Curators: Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Christopher Marinos.

Naughtiness. Contemporary Greek Artists From the Beltsios Collection, Margaris Foundation, Amfilochia.

Fucking Tourists!, Remap2 – Parallel Event to the 2nd Athens Biennial, Keramikos, Athens. Curators: Konstantinos Dagritzikos, Yael Messer.

10 Aspects of Hellenic Photography. Recent Trends of Creation, Art Athina 09 – Falliro Pavillion, Athens & Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki.

The Years of Anger – The Crash in Greek Cinema, The Art Center‐Freedom Park, Athens. Curator: Katerina Tsielou.


Visual Arts in Greece 3. And Now?, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki. Curators: Gabriel Bauret, Vangelis Ioakimidis.

Water Currents, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki. Curators: Gabriel Bauret, Vangelis Ioakimidis.

What Does New and Interesting Mean?, AD Gallery, Athens.

The Island, Cosmos of Culture, Athens.

10 Aspects of Hellenic Photography. Recent Trends of Creation, Theatre de la Photographie et de l’Image, Nice. Curators: Jean-Pierre Giusto, Vangelis Ioakimidis.

Athensville. Art Athina 08: Restarted, Helexpo, Athens.

20th Century in Video, Trianon Film Center, Athens.

Atropa Vanitas, Cosmos of Culture, Athens. Curator: Kostas Bassanos, Nina Papaconstantinou.

Emergency Room, Contemporary Art Center Ileana Tounta, Athens. Curator: Thierry Geoffroy.

Karaoke Poetry Bar, Space 417, Metaxourgio, Athens. Project: Intothepill.

Secret Gardens, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki. Curator: Vangelis Ioakimidis.

An Outing – The Beltsios Collection, Contemporary Art in Greece in the 21st century, Matsopoulos Mill, Trikala. Curator: Sotirios Bahtetsis.

Photonic Moments, Photon-Center for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljiana, Slovenia. Curator: Xenia Kalpaktsoglou

Contemporary Traditions, Mikrokosmos Cinema, Athens. Curator: Chloe Vaitsos.

ProTaseis – Version IV: 935m2, Action Field Kodra 2005, Former Military Barracks Kodra, Thessaloniki, Greece. Curator: Xenia Kalpaktsoglou.

Fata Morgana, Photosynkyria 2005, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece. Curator: Thanassis Moutsopoulos.

The Other Body, Eugenides Foundation, Athens, Greece.


Bi-Directional Self-Aboutness, Contemporary Greek Photography, Canal Isabel II, Hola Grecia! ARCO 2004, Madrid. Curator: Marilena Karra.

Art Athina 2004, AD Gallery, Athens.

Manderley, Astoria Hotel, Thessaloniki. Curator: Xenia Kalpaktsoglou.

Athens, Metropolis by Accident?, Cheap Art, Athens.

Art Now, Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki.

Everyday Hellas, White Box, New York. Curator: Heather Felty Kouris.

Et in Iraq? Ego, Alpha-Station, Athens Centre of Contemporary Art, Athens.

Domestic Alien, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens. Curator: Kostis Velonis.

Depictions of AIDS Through Art, Hellenic American Union, Athens. Curator: Artemis Potamianou.

Belief Systems, AD Gallery, Athens. Curator: Kostis Velonis.

Scanning Istanbul, Nylon Gallery, Istanbul.

Bureaucracy, Greek Ministry of the Interior, Athens.

Sculpture You Love, Lab Art Projects, Athens.

Suburbia: The vast lands of Athenian suburbs, Alpha-Station, Athens Centre of Contemporary Art, Athens.